CU Thru - Cash Advance

Emerald Group has designed an alternative to the typical cash advance shop that has become commonplace in America. Our program, CU Thru Advance, requires that a portion of the advance go into a savings account that cannot be accessed until the maximum amount of an advance ($500.00) is reached. Eligible members are at least eighteen years old, have verifiable income, have been a member in good standing for at least six months, and are not eligible for a regular checking account. The entire advance must be repaid within thirty days. Any delinquency may cancel eligibility. The goal of our CU Thru Advance is to encourage members to accumulate enough savings and reduce future dependency on credit with its related costs.

**Please Note**
CU Thru loans have been discontinued for any new applicants.  We will continue to service those loans already under contract.  Please contact the loan department for alternatives to your lending needs.

These products and services include:
     -Borrow to Save Loans 
     -MEA Overdraft/Courtesy Pay
     -Personal Loans/Lines of Credit

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