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Fraud & Scam Awareness

Unfortunately, more and more Americans have their identities stolen every year.  We strive to provide our members with information that may be helpful in preventing, detecting, and protecting against identity theft and other internet, mail, and telephone scams. Emerald Credit Union will never request personal information about our members by email or text messaging.  Personal information includes account numbers, passwords, personal identification information, or any other confidential information.

What is Bank Jugging & How To Protect Yourself

Bank Jugging is a crime in which the perpetrator parks and waits near a bank, credit union, check-cashing store, or ATM, and watches patiently as customers come and go. The suspect targets anyone leaving with a bag, envelope, or coin box that looks like it may contain a large amount of cash. Victims are followed and approached, and then threatened with violence or assaulted while the robber aggressively takes the cash or breaks into their vehicle. The thief will steal whatever the victim has; purse, wallet, shopping bags, and even expensive belongings. Most often the crime occurs at a new location, but sometimes right outside the targeted establishment.

Perpetrators look for individuals who are distracted, older people, or anyone who appears easy to overtake. So, what can you do to help protect yourself?

  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Look for individuals backed into parking spaces, who do not exit their vehicle.
  • Do not leave the credit union, bank, etc. if you observe a suspicious vehicle in or nearby the parking lot.
  • Do not withdraw large amounts of cash from the credit union, bank, etc. Opt for a cashier's check or electronically transfer the funds instead.
  • Hide or conceal your money before you leave the credit union, bank, etc.
  • Do not open-carry bank bags, envelopes, or coin boxes.
  • Watch for people following you.
  • If you think you are being followed, call 911. Keep the dispatcher on the phone to describe your location, your destination, etc., and keep walking/driving until the police find you.
  • If you're out running errands, make the credit union, bank, etc. your last stop.