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Fraud & Scam Awareness

Unfortunately, more and more Americans have their identities stolen every year.  We strive to provide our members with information that may be helpful in preventing, detecting, and protecting against identity theft and other internet, mail, and telephone scams. Emerald Credit Union will never request personal information about our members by email or text messaging.  Personal information includes account numbers, passwords, personal identification information, or any other confidential information.

Holiday Fraud Prevention Tips

The holiday season should be a time of family, friends, and festive good cheer. Unfortunately, it can also be a time of frustration at the hands of fraud. While doing your holiday shopping, remind yourself to be aware of your surroundings at all times, protect your personal information, and monitor all of your accounts to limit your liability and potential losses.

1. Do Not Share Your Debit Card with Anyone.

Asking a trusted friend or family member to run an errand or put gas in your car may seem simple enough, but unfortunately, it can lead to one of the more common friendly fraud scenarios, including instances where the friend uses your debit card for their own personal gain. Another common scenario is using your debit card to purchase a game or app on a device belonging to someone else. If your payment information is saved on the device, the holder of the device may unintentionally purchase games or applications with your debit card.

2. Take Only What You Need.

Before heading out to go shopping, clean out your wallet or purse, taking only the required identification and a card or two that you will need to do your shopping. If your wallet or purse is lost or stolen, this will help limit your losses. Never leave your belongings unattended. Criminals are always watching for you to be distracted so they can snag your personal belongings.

3. Check Your Accounts.

Thanks to technology like ECU mobile banking and the My Mobile Money app, it’s easy to check your account balances regularly, and on the go. Notifying us in a timely manner will help minimize your loss and frustration. Checking your account balances may also lessen the chance of overdrawn funds by keeping a closer eye on your funds.

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